Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ava Rose 12 Months


I can't believe we have made it to this day!
It really seems like just a month or two ago we were bringing you home from the hospital.

Ava you are pretty amazing. We are in awe of the things you do, that you shouldn't be doing for several more months. 

Climbing is one of your favorite things to do right now. It's also one of the scariest. We can't leave you alone for even a second.

This is where we found you on your birthday.

You weigh about 24 lbs and are wearing 18-24 month clothing. 30 inches long. Size 4 shoes and diapers

You love to drink in big girl cups, through straws. You still want to eat everything around, and you love to share your brother's ring pops.
You've recently started carrying around a small toy box (purse) and a toy cell phone.
It's funny to see how different you are from your brother. You are such a girl! Every day you bring me a different pair of shoes to put on. 

Every word that someone says to you, you try to repeat. 

Tonight you climbed up the steps (with Dad standing behind) and went down the slide at the park yourself.

One HUGE development is that on your birthday and the one night since, you have slept all night! Since previously you hadn't slept more than 4 hours at a time, we are so relieved.

I can't wait to see what you will do in the coming year. I know that whatever it is, it'll be big!

We love you sweet girl!

Ava-Months 1-12

Jackson and Ava at age 1

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  1. Happy Happy Happiest of Birthdays (belated, I assume) to Ava Rose! She is totally precious :)


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