Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jackson's Room Makeover Part 1

I can file this under "things I want my brother in law to build"
It all started out with this picture. I decided I wanted NEEDED this for Jackson's new bed. But, a more boyish version of course. I have a ridiculously talented brother-in-law. He can pretty much build anything. I started dropping hints a few months ago, but finally just had to come out and tell him that I wanted him to build this for Jackson's birthday. 

He thought for awhile and came up with some fabulous plans. Last Saturday, we went to their house to start making this into a reality.

Sanding the boards

That's Bill

Staining the boards. I chose a stain called gunstock

Here are a few of the newly stained boards

Next, it was time to bring it all into Jackson's room to assemble it.
Step 1

and finally with the ladder assembled
The kids were enjoying the new bed

This is the semi finished product. He is getting new decorations and a new bedspread for his room. I LOVE how much space this gives in his room now. It's a perfect play area, and we can always put a bed under it if we need to. I'm thinking of making some burlap curtains for the bottom to make it more"tent-like". I also might want to bring his train table in here too now that there's room. I can't wait to show you the finished product when we get it done. As for now we are so thankful to Bill. Jackson is in love with his new bed, and very happy to be out of the toddler bed.

I'd say it turned out pretty fantastic!


  1. oh my goodness...I LOVE it!!!!

  2. That is a GREAT bed! I predict hours of fun will be had underneath that bed because it is such an awesome kid play space.


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