Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Weather and Iceapocalypse

Photo: hilarious!!!
Photo Courtesy of a Facebook friend

Why is does everyone rush to get bread and milk for a 2 day ice storm? Yes, those things are important, but that is the only that thing that is completely gone. This is the view from our local Walmart. I have been there twice in two days but forgot to take a picture, so I borrowed this from a friend. We were forced to buy Texas Toast instead of regular white bread, although I'm not too sad about it because it will make great french toast.

We are getting prepared for an pretty big ice storm here. They are predicting more than 1/2 inch of ice for us in the next day or two with extremely cold temperatures. Ice isn't as much fun as snow, but I'm still pretty excited about getting to be home with my family. Most of me would still rather be in Florida where it's 80 degrees and sunny, but if it's going to have to be cold it might as well being snowing or icing. I have stuff to make chili, beef stew, cookies and maybe bake a cake with Jackson. We have wood ready to go in the fireplace and Netflix movies on their way. 

There is still this one little thing of me being almost ready to have a baby. Hopefully I won't go into labor during all of this, however, if the power goes out then I would welcome it. I'd much rather be in the nice, warm hospital than in a house with no heat. 

Stay Warm!

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