Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter 2014

I wanted to share all the fun things we did for the week of Easter. This post was supposed to happen last Friday, but life happened too and it didn't get done. Either way, we spent the week before Easter talking about the story of Jesus and how he was raised from the dead. 

We started off talking about the last supper and read Luke 22: 13-22. Jackson already knew about how Jesus had broken the bread and shared with the apostles. I thought it would be fun to get the kids to help me make bread to celebrate.

This was Jackson showing me how big the bread was as it was rising

The next day we talked about how Jesus had prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. We read John 17: 1-5.

The next three days we went through Jesus being put on trial and beaten ( Matt. 26: 47-57 and Luke 23: 1-24)
His crucifixion and burial (Matt. 27: 27-61)
and His resurrection and giving of the great commission (Matt. 28: 8-20)

We also used the Bible App for Kids from Youversion to talk about the resurrection.

I also wanted to make a resurrection garden to show Jackson a scene of the stone being rolled away from the tomb.

On Easter day we had family at our house and hunted Easter eggs.

It was a good week and I think the kids really started to understand the true meaning of Easter.


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