Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Year with No Tv

The month of  May marks one year with no satellite, cable etc. Last year we decided to cut off our Dish Network and stick with Netflix. I was a little nervous at first because we watched a lot of TV. The kids liked to watch Disney channel and we had about 10 shows that we watched regularly on DVR. We did it initially because we were tired of paying $70 a month, but we quickly learned that not having it was so nice. 

I first thought about this anniversary because we are on vacation and the kids have been watching a lot of TV while we are at the house. We've been watching Disney Jr. which doesn't really have commercials, but when we watch other channels it's a constant barrage of commercials. It is so easy for the kids, and even us to become discontented with what we have when we see all the new things on the commercials. We've probably already heard "I want that" about 50 times while we've been watching.

We've learned that having our kids around TV for long creates a big need to constantly be entertained by something and to have more stuff. They want to play with toys and play outside a lot less.We do still watch a lot of things on Netflix, but I mostly stick to a few movies and Leap Frog videos that teach alphabet, numbers etc...
Jordan and I also still watch some of our shows on Netflix or on the network websites on the computer, but it has also cut down on the amount of time we spend in front of the TV.  We talk more, play games, do puzzles and things that actually help bring us together.

I'm not saying that doing this is right for every family, but it was definitely a great thing for ours. 

Have any of you done away with your Cable/Satellite? or are you thinking about doing it?


  1. Hey! Great Post! We are with ya! This October will be our 3 year anniversary of not throwing away $50/month for tv! It has made our lives so much richer! (Again... I'm with you..... It's not for everybody... but it's been great for us!)

  2. I haven't lived with a TV since 1995. Dave and I have never had a TV our entire relationship. Now that said, we do watch TV shows on DVD and the kids do watch videos on YouTube but it does really help us limit what they watch, and how much. And I LOVE that our kids never ever see commercials.


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