Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Decorating

I know it's only November, but our Christmas decor is already up. This past weekend we actually had no plans. We usually don't have a lot of long-standing plans, but here lately we have decided to do a lot of things last minute. This weekend we did a lot of nothing. It was actually really nice to not have anything to do. We decided that since Sunday would be our 2nd day of nothing to do, that we would put up our Christmas things. I always feel rushed this time of year because it seems like we always have somewhere to be. It was great to know that we had all afternoon after church to do it.

My tree is a collection of ornaments that my parents bought me starting when I was little. Every year, everyone got an ornament. My grandparents have continued that tradition with getting everyone and special ornament on Christmas. It is because of them and my parents that we have a tree full.

This little guy was given to me last year by the doctor that I used to work for. Each of the girls in the office got one. I think he's a neat addition for under our tree.

Another tradition in our house is our stockings. Each person has a stocking that gets filled with little treats on Christmas Eve. This is something fun in addition to the presents under the tree.

These are the kids trees. They have their ornaments that us and my grandparents have gotten them the past few Christmases. Their trees are starting to run out of room now too...I love it!

After we put up Christmas decor we made Christmas sugar cookies.

I still haven't taken down my fall decorations outside or in the dining room. I have so many cute things the kids have made that I'll wait to take those down until later.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?


  1. We did just a bit of outside decorating (which I have to finish when it gets a bit warmer out), and we made our Advent wreath. We'll probably do more decorating this weekend. Yay!


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