Sunday, February 22, 2015

Girly Things

The girls and I had wonderful afternoon doing all sorts of girly things. I love spending time with just my girls in Emma's room playing with baby dolls and having tea parties. 

Seeing the girls play together is so much fun. Ava can make Emma laugh so hard.

One of the things I'm least proud of is Ava's pronounced knowledge of technology, but it is really cute when she gets a phone that doesn't work anymore and starts to take "pictures" of her baby.

She did have to be a cowboy for a little bit

Emma has really gotten into the spirit of baby dolls. She holds then and even feeds them. It's amazing to see at barely a year old.

We got Ava a tea set for Christmas. We moved shortly after that and haven't had a chance to get it out since. One of the dreams I had of our new house was to be able to use the table that was made for me as a child to have tea on with my girls. Today we did exactly that.

These are such sweet times with them. I love seeing their expressions and excitement in the little things. I look forward to seeing them grow and become close sisters. I can't wait to see if we will be adding another sister or a brother to the bunch in May.

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  1. Awww! This looks like such a sweet and fun afternoon. And I love how our kids mimic us in both the good things and the bad :)


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