Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I have been frantically working on the new house trying to get it ready to move in. For those of you who don't know, we are moving to Rose Bud. Rose Bud? some of you ask, and yes. The reason is that Jordan got a job working for a guy who owns a screen printing and embroidery shop. They have a house next to the shop that we are moving into. It is an old house, but has hardwood floors, and is a little bit bigger than the one we are in now. The people who were in it before did not take care of it, and so we have had a lot to clean. Another reason why I am so excited is because of the hard wood floors. We have 3 chihuahuas and it will be so nice to be able to get things clean. Carpet is sooooo nasty, especially with hair and everything. So anyway I am ready to get moved this weekend. For some reason my computer is not cooperating, so I will post some pics later of the new house. Hopefully some before and after photos.

On another note, I am very confused about my future. I was going to go to Pharmacy school, and I think I have since decided not to do that. All my life all my parents have ever told me is "do something that you can make some money at", and while I totally understand where they are coming from, I really just want them to tell me that anything I want to do is going to be fine with them. Even though I am 22 years old, and I know that I have to do what feels right to me, it would still be nice to know that my parents support me in anything I want to do, even though it isn't in the medical field. I am considering interior design or landscape design, but I also don't want to get started in another program and decide that I really don't like it, so I might take some advice from a friend and try out that career path before I start that particular program in school. Oh well, I guess that is just my pity party for today, but please pray for me as I am trying to make a decision about what to do.

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