Tuesday, January 13, 2009

House Hunting

We have started the process of house hunting. We just got approved for a loan today, and actually already found a house. UNFORTUNATELY, there is a deal being worked out on the house already. It is a forclosure, and thats why it is so cheap for the neighborhood that it is in. We really haven't even seen it, but it seems perfect for what we need. It is 3 bedrooms 2 baths. The bottom level is all hardwood flooring, which is nice. I am really praying that the offer will fall through tomorrow and that we will be able to see the house and then make an offer on it if it is really what we want. I feel like I am jumping ahead in all this, but really I'm not pushing anything, it is just all seeming to work out. If we don't get the house then I'm not going to worry about it because it obviously wasn't God's plan :-)

Another piece of good news is that I got the transfer scholarship to UCA. This pays for all tuition and fees for up to 4 semesters. I am really excited about that because it means that we have some extra college money to use for the house. So anyway we are really excited about that. I start school on Thursday and am really excited about that now that it is all getting paid for.

We had a 13 week ultrasound done last week. Here are a few pics.
Baby on the left

Baby's head is on the right and you can see the spine

Baby on the left

It is really amazing all the doors that God has opened up in the past few months. He is really good and is definately taking care of us. Life is so much easier when you don't have to worry about things, you just know that you have a God who is there and will take care of everything. We are really excited about all the changes that are taking place!!!

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