Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost Baby Time!

I am 33 weeks pregnant this week and it's almost over! I am getting a little bit miserable with the not sleeping and feeling huge, but I am trying not to wish it away. We plan on having more kids, but it is possible that I could only be pregnant one time in my life. I am really trying to enjoy this time in my life. It is so neat to feel and see Jackson kick inside my stomach. Being at the end of my pregnancy makes me think about a lot in my life though. I still don't really feel "grown up". I still feel like I'm waiting on my life to start sometimes, and I have to realize that it already has. It's kind of crazy to think I have already done things that I probably won't ever do again, like get married. It makes me sad to think about all that sometimes, but then again we are about to have our first baby, and there are so many new things happening in our lives too.

We have been in our new house for about 3 months now, and we love it. It's so great to have our own space that we own. It is so much bigger than our apartment, and it's nice to spread out. Jordan and I have been working in the yard, and it looks a lot better than it did. We put in a doggy door, and the dogs really love being able to go in and out all day long no matter if we are home or not. Jackson's room is all finished and ready for him to get here! Overall there are some things we are realizing that we would like to have in house that this house doesn't have, but this is a GREAT first house and we are so happy here!

On another note, I just finished school for the summer and am now staying home alot. I do work a few afternoons a week at my doctors office, but other than that I am having to take it easy because of early contractions. We have already been to Labor and Delivery 4 times. The last time we were in my contractions were every 1.5 minutes, but I wasn't progressing so they sent me home. Since then it has almost been 2 weeks and I haven't really had any other problems. I am just trying to go slow and at least make it to 36 weeks. Jordan graduated college last December and has a job at the Circuit Clerks office. He likes the work, but would really like to find something where he has the chance to move up. He has an interview soon, so we are really praying that God will open that door and provide him with a new opportunity to do something new and maybe make a little more money.

I haven't updated in awhile, but things are going great in our lives and we are so blessed. We just bought a house, and soon we will have a son. I still have no idea what to expect, but I only have 7 more weeks to figure it out. I know everything will be fine and he will be as healthy and wonderful as can be.

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