Thursday, September 30, 2010


We've had a lot of change around our house lately. First of all, Jordan got a new job for the Department of Community Corrections. He is a felony parole/probation officer in Heber Springs. This is a little different because he has to leave a little earlier and get home later, and he is also gone over lunch. It is a better paying job with a chance to make more money and move up in a year or two. He was supposed to go to the training Academy in Pine Bluff for 6 weeks starting in October, but he just got told today that he won't go until March. I am relieved that he'll be here for longer of course, but he won't get his gun until then and it really limits the amount of things he can do on the job because he won't have a gun.

I have started working different hours during the week to help out when my parents leave for the winter. I am not at all excited about them being gone for 6 months to Florida, and I really wish we could go visit. I'm not sure what Jackson is going to do without his Nana and Papa.  But anyway, I have also started to keep my friend Nicki's  little boy during the week as well. He is great, and so easy to keep. I'm so excited for Jackson to have someone to play with. I really hope they can learn from each other and get in some socialization that Jackson wouldn't normally get being home with me all day. 

Our lives have gotten a whole lot busier, but I'm really excited about all these new opportunities. It's just another way that God is taking care of us! 

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