Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

I love Saturdays! Our routine on Saturdays is usually getting up, eating breakfast, hitting a few yard sales and then going to the park. Sometimes we go to the library after Jackson's nap. Jackson is a great yard sale buddy because he gets up at 6 anyway and is ready to go. He's not a fan of getting in and out of the car, but he does pretty well. Jordan used to play golf early on Saturday mornings, but since Jackson is getting older he stays home in the mornings so that we can go out. 

This morning was no different. Jackson woke up bright and early at 5:45. He watched a little Mickey like he does every morning, and then we had breakfast. Usually I cook, but this morning Jordan went to get doughnuts. After breakfast we went out in search of some good deals. The first one we stopped at had lots of kids clothes. I love it when I come up on people getting rid of lots of boy clothes. We also found this treasure...

It was missing the slide or stairs that were there on one side, but it has a steering wheel. Jackson loves all kinds of wheels, so I knew he would like this. Our yard is now officially dedicated to all things boy!

After the yard sales we went to the park. Jackson loooooves going there. He likes to swing, but recently he has learned to go down the slide by himself. He gets so proud of himself for doing that.

This one was taken after we got back in the car. He hates to leave the park, and by this time he is so tired.

I love our Saturday mornings together and all the cool stuff we find.

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