Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Our anniversary isn't actually until December 15th, but we decided to take our yearly trip to Memphis a little early this year since my parents were home from Florida. We had a family birthday party for my Dad and Sister on Saturday morning and then headed out to do a little shopping. Of course, I didn't take my camera but we stayed at the Hyatt Place Wolfchase like we always do and it was WONDERFUL, like it always is! Anyway, we did some shopping at the mall on Saturday afternoon and then were going to see a movie but we were so tired that we decided to go out to eat and rent a movie in the room after. 

We went to Bahama Breeze for dinner. Now if you have never been there I recommend you go...VERY SOON! I always get the Jerk Chicken Pasta. It is almost indescribable. It has their famous Jerk Chicken with bowtie pasta and asparagus in a cream sauce. 

After I was almost too full to move we headed back to the hotel and watched Dinner with Shmucks. Everyone we talked to said that it was hilarious. I didn't really think it was that funny, but it had Steve Carrel (sp?)  in it so it was alright. Sunday morning we got up and headed to the usual spot, Waffle House and then to do some Christmas shopping at the Super Target. If you have never been to a Super Target, again, you need to go! They have so much more to offer and their prices are even a little better than the regular Target. 

We got Jackson a new train table and set for Christmas

I also got an early Christmas present from Jordan!

I am getting a new set of Stainless Steel Paula Deen cookware too from my mother in law and I wanted the deep saute pan to go with it. Now all I need is the 12 qt. Stock Pot and I should be set. I chose red because neither of the extras I wanted came in Stainless Steel and I have red accents in my kitchen and a red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. 

We had a great time on our trip and it is definitely nice to get away for a day or two without Jackson.

Now we're getting ready for Christmas and doing some decorating.
More on that later!

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