Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Much Needed Vacation

Since I posted last, Jackson and I went on a little vacation to South Florida. My parents have started living in Florida for 5 months out of the year in a condo that they bought last year. Jackson and I flew down last Wednesday and returned yesterday. He did so much better than I expected on the flights and didn't annoy too many people. The cutest thing that he did on the plane was whisper "wow" when he saw the lights of Miami Beach. He had started yelling it, so I had to teach him to whisper.

So much happened this week and I feel like Jackson really grew up a lot. It is amazing at how different life experiences can make them feel so much older. We did a lot of shopping and a lot of letting Jackson play and run. It is about 80 degrees right now in Boynton Beach so he was able to go outside a lot and play.

He got so tired and had to take a break
We also went to the Chic Fil A
On Saturday morning we drove to West Palm Beach where they have a farmer's market with lots of vendors selling fruits, veggies, flowers and food.
This is my parents with their dog Allie, my grandmother and Jackson
I love this picture
We also went to the beach. The last time we did this was when Jackson was almost a year old. He couldn't walk yet and wanted nothing to do with the sand. This time was a little different. He still didn't like the sand on his hands, and he tried to eat it a few times, but he learned to walk in it and loved the water.

I just couldn't resist getting a picture of his sweet footprints
One of the things I needed to get done on this trip was Jackson's first haircut. I have been putting this off for a long time because he has such beautiful red hair that curls up on the ends when it's long enough. My Dad always takes his grandsons to get their first haircut so I thought this would be the perfect time to get it done.
To say he hated it would be an understatement.
All that screaming made him tired
After the haircut we let him ride on the carousel and the train as a reward. That, he loved!
Sorry for the long post but I wasn't able to post much in Florida we were so busy. We were so blessed by my parents for getting us down to see them. I'm so glad we were able to go and wish we could have stayed a little longer!

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