Sunday, May 8, 2011

Graduation and Mother's Day All in One Weekend!

We had such a busy weekend and now I'm exhausted. First off we started out with graduation first thing Saturday morning. 

After graduation my parents took us out to eat and then we headed back to the shindig at their house. Last year we had a pretty big graduation party, but this year we just kept it with close family. Jackson only got one  nap in the morning, so by this time he was worn out. 

This morning we woke up early of course, because Jackson was not informed that it was MOTHER'S day and not Jackson day. I got my Mother's Day card that Jordan and Jackson made me last weekend, and the voucher for 1 day full of fun with my favorite guys. 

We decided to head out early and go to WalMart and then off to Ihop with Jordan's parents and brother. The boys had such a good time playing together. After Jackson's morning nap we went to see my Grandmother and have lunch there. The rest of the day we spent playing outside and at the park.

I also went through Jackson's clothes to pull out some of the stuff he's outgrown and get out some new things. I realized again tonight how blessed we are. I think Jackson has enough clothes and shoes so that I won't have to buy anything for at least another year. After that I don't think I'll have to buy but a few things to fill in here and there. 

I am blessed to have a wonderful Mother, Mother-In-Law and three Sisters who are all such wonderful examples of what Mothers should be.

I had such a great weekend spending it with my family.

Happy Mother's Day!

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