Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time for Some Creativity

It's turning Fall in our neck of the woods. Actually, it seemed to skip Fall and go straight to Winter today. It's in the upper 40's and raining with no sign of warming up. This weekend was so nice though and we got to enjoy it before it turned cold.

Sunday night  Derek, Nicki and the kids came over to decorate some pumpkins. We're still going to carve one as a family, but I wanted to paint and "M" on two of them to decorate and put on either side of our carport. The kids also got to do a little painting on their pumpkins as well. We also found out that marshmellows make GREAT paint brushes for kids. Jackson was able to have more fun painting his pumpkin that way. Of course I didn't get to take any pictures because things were a little crazy with all the kids running around. I did take a few pics of our pumpkins though.

Monday morning Jackson, my Mom and I loaded up to go to Little Rock. I've been wanting to take Jackson back to The Wonder Place, and Mom has never been able to go either. Jackson went for the first time on his 2nd birthday, he had a great time, but he wanted us to do everything with him. Yesterday though, he was a pro.

Playing in the water

I asked him to make me a sandwich
He had to have all the ice cream cones
So cute in his little smock
Looking at the chick chicks
After that we went to lunch at Cheers in the heights. This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Little Rock! The chicken tenders salad is wonderful.
Jackson did great through lunch and fell asleep shortly after getting in the car.
I'm so glad we got to go with my Mom and let her spend some more time with Jackson before the snow birds leave for warmer weather in Florida.

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