Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Authenticity

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately that are dealing with being authentic. Most of the time we portray our happy lives, perfect children and spotless houses on blogs, Facebook etc. The idea is that we should be more real and let people know (within reason) what is really going on in our lives. I tend to linger on the other side of the argument that no one likes it when you use your Facebook or blog to complain or throw a pity party for yourself. I sometimes use sarcasm to talk about the things I have to do that I would rather not be doing, but it's never a cry for help about my life being so bad.

Now granted, my life is pretty great. I feel like I don't have a lot to complain about on a daily basis. Of course we all have our struggles here and there, but I just feel the need to take those to God and sometimes my husband. 

But, in the spirit of being more open and honest, I've been thinking about time wasters. I even read another blog about this topic this morning, and another fellow blogger is giving up Twitter for Lent because it's a time waster. I got to thinking how much time I spend on the computer and especially on my phone. I have access to everything I need want on my phone and I feel like I am constantly checking it. I took Facebook off my phone a few weeks ago, but I put it back on because we were selling our house and I talked to our realtor a lot on there. I've decided that it's getting uninstalled yet again. Facebook is a wonderful thing for keeping up with people, but I find myself checking it excessively during the day on my phone. 

Also, this seems opposite, but I want to blog more. I know this seems like a time waster, but I think this is a good creative outlet for me and I like documenting what's going on in our lives. This is possibly one of the most important "time wasters" that I do. If I add up all the time I spend on my phone or computer, I start to realize all the things I could have been doing. Now it's not that my house is neglected or anything, but I find myself rushing to get things done before Jordan gets home from work, because I didn't use my time wisely that day. I also don't want Jackson to get used to my phone being tied to my hand all day either.

I'm hoping to spend more time doing devotionals and reading the Bible more than I do. I think I'll feel less rushed throughout my day!

Oh and I also have to share these pictures. Jackson took my camera and told me to take his picture this morning. This is the first time he's actually posed for a picture in many months!

On a side note, tomorrow is THE DAY. I hope we will be able to tell whether the new baby is a boy or girl! I'll do an update hopefully after we know for sure.

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