Monday, May 21, 2012

30 1/2 Weeks

Here I am at almost 31 weeks. I'm pretty sure at least six or seven people at church told me that I looked much further along than that. They all seemed very surprised when I told them I still had a little over nine weeks to go. That's ok though, I'm just not one of the pregnant people who stays small in the belly area. I have no mid-section as it is, so when you try to put something 18 inches long and all the stuff that little person needs to survive in there, it has to go somewhere.

So far I've gained about 20 lbs. Most of that came in the last 15 weeks. At first I started out wanting to eat fruit and veggies but then that turned into a major sugar craving. I'm actually feeling much better than I did a few weeks ago. I haven't had near as many contractions, and some days I don't have any. 

Sleep isn't that great anymore, but I can't complain. It seems like I need a lot less sleep than I did a few years ago. I'm also a lot more comfortable than I was in the past few weeks. I know this is fleeting though, and that in the next couple of weeks I'll get way more uncomfortable.

Everyone asks if I'm ready. My answer to that is still....not really. I mean, I am ready to meet our little girl but I'm also really enjoying my last Summer with just me and Jackson. I want to take him to do things and go swimming a lot. I know that we'll never have a time like this again and I want to make sure it's as fun as possible. Next summer will be so different for all of us because there will be a 1 year old toddling around. 

I'm going to make the best of the next few weeks and get ready for Ava to get here. 
Tomorrow I'm doing a post about us going to the Zoo for the first time and then on Wednesday stay tuned for a "New House" post. I finally took finished pictures of the whole house, including Ava's room!

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  1. You look so cute!! I can't wait to see Ava's room!


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