Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Ava and a Haircut

When we first started talking to Jackson about getting a new baby he wanted nothing to do with it. He would cross his arms, turn his head and say "NO BABY" (He's a little on the dramatic side). Over the past few months he's warmed up to the idea. He talks about getting a new baby Sister and seems really excited. 

I was already in the hospital once, and when he came to visit me he fell in love with that place. Every time we would drive by he wanted to go to the hospital. He even told everyone for awhile that his Daddy was in the hospital (I assure you, he was not). Then, he started saying that we were going to the hospital to get Baby Ava, and now it's turned into a daily thing that he wants to do. I have to keep telling him that we still need to wait a few more weeks. 

I really hope he's this excited when she gets here, although I have a feeling he may be asking to take her back to the hospital :-)

Yesterday we made a door hanger for our hospital room when we go to have her.
I think it turned out really cute!

Jackson also hit another milestone the other day...he got a haircut without crying!!!! His Aunt Kara has given him most of the haircuts in his life except a few, and he does much better with her than anyone else but still cries sometimes. She came to our house the other day, he put the cape on and sat still mostly the whole time! I was so proud. I'm thinking next, we may tackle the dentist.

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