Friday, March 29, 2013

Ava Rose 8 Months

Whew! The last month has been big around our house. The last update I did, I said I expected her to be crawling pretty soon. Now, she has blown through crawling and is now cruising around tables, chairs and anything else she can find to pull up on and walk around. I'd bet money that she will be walking by our 9 month update!

Ava, you continually amaze me with your new skills and awareness to the world. You seem to watch everything and are no where near interested in the tv (I'm so grateful for that). This amazement to things also leads to a sense of boredom. You get bored with things very quickly. Crawling wasn't much fun for very long before you figured out you could stand and walk around things. I'm a little scared to leave you alone in a room for very long, because unlike your brother, you are in to EVERYTHING!  

You are eating 3-4 meals a day with some snacks in between. You have cut down on your bottles to about 1-2 a day and then 1-2 at night.We have cut out nursing all together, but I'm still pumping milk for you.
Carrots, green beans, greens, pears and apples are some of your favorites. You are also pretty partial to yogurt and bananas.

At your last checkup you weighed about 21 lbs. You are still pretty chunky, but also very tall.  I was told by a nursery worker at church that we needed to make sure and take pictures of your thighs. They have so many rolls on them! I know they won't be that way for long though.

Unlike Jackson, you aren't consistent at all with your naps or sleeping at night. Some days you take really long naps and others are more like 30 minutes. Some nights you sleep great and others you wake up a lot. It makes for one tired Momma and Daddy, but I know we won't be in this stage for long. 

I can't believe 8 months has already passed. I've already started to think about your first birthday party. It's true what they say about time passing a little faster with each kid you have.

We love you!


  1. It's so funny how the first children are the calm ones and the second children are the crazy ones! Like Ava, I can't trust Rachel alone in a room. She is just too curious! I guess these second children don't want to be forgotten :)

    I love her laughing smile in that picture. So sweet :)


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