Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitchen Table Redo

This was my dining room table in November
It has been in my family for 27 years. I acquired it about  four years ago from my sister when we moved into our first house. It was in desperate need of refinishing, but I was a little afraid of the task. Since I've been remodeling my kitchen since we moved in I thought I would tackle this too.

I sanded it all down with a sanding block. I decided to go with a dark walnut stain for the top of the table and chairs, and an antique white for the pedestal of the table and chair legs. I stained the table top and seats/ spindles of the chairs. They got about 3 coats of polyurethane when the stain dried.

The pedestal and chair legs I did a shabby finish on. I roughly painted them with white paint (making sure to leave some wood showing through), and then rubbed on stain and wiped some of it off. I put a few coats of poly on the paint when it dried.

This is what it looks like now

I'm so happy with the results and it didn't take near as long as I expected.


  1. That looks amazing! I would be so scared to take on a task like this so way to go.

  2. It looks awesome! Great job!!!

  3. Can i have that table? It's beautiful and so with the chairs! You did an amazing job! I love how it turned out!


  4. Thank you for the sweet comments. It turned out to be really fun!


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