Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Party Preparation

Happy Valentine's Day!
Yesterday Jackson had his party at school. This was the first year we were supposed to create a box for all his valentines. I started checking out Pinterest for things that were cute, but not too crafty. I immediately saw the Lego themed boxes, and Jackson decided on a Lego man.

This was pretty easy to make. My husband is definitely the creative one in the family. We used the caps from a bottle of cooking spray and fuel injector cleaner, a shoebox, spray paint and a sharpie. Jackson was pretty proud of the results.

The kids and I also made rice crispy treats for his class.
I mixed everything together and placed them in some silicone, heart-shaped mold I had. Once they were formed, I had the kids dip them in white almond bark that I colored pink.

They helped me put them in cute Valentine's Day sacks and we tied their valentines to them.
We had a lot of fun with this and Jackson got to do one of his favorite things, help me in the kitchen.

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