Friday, July 18, 2014

Mutiny Against Excess- Weeks 4 and 5

Week 4
Wow! The last few weeks have been busy. So busy in fact, that I didn't have time to post. Between doing VBS, working and having fun in the pool with the kids, we haven't had a moment to think. I did, however, get my 'Mutiny Against Excess' done for the last few weeks. 

The first place I had to go was our closet. I have gone through my clothes and shoes in the past getting rid of a few things, but mostly hanging on to things I "might" wear in the future. This time I had a different mindset. I wanted to get rid of the clutter, but also get rid of things I might wear, but don't really need. I was pretty proud of myself in getting rid of several things that I actually like, but weren't necessary for my every day. Y'all, I even got rid of a pair of Toms. That's kind of a big step for me. I also went through our t'shirts and my bedside table. One can only have so many Beth Moore books :-)

I am happy to have my closet down to a manageable size and be able to see everything that's in there. 

Week 5

The girls' closet
My big focus in here wasn't the clothing so much. I feel like we have that down to pretty much only the things that they wear. The biggest issue was the school papers cluttering the top of the closet. I had saved every single thing that Jackson did at Mother's Day Out since he was two. I realized that I was quickly running out of room and that there was no way to save everything.

Jackson isn't really into drawing or coloring, so I knew that most of the coloring sheets could go. These weren't works of art that he was proud of, or even cared about. I decided to get rid of almost everything that wasn't a hand print or foot of art. For most major holidays they make hand/foot print crafts. I couldn't handle getting rid of those types of things.

I ended up with a small walmart sack of things saved from Jackson and Ava. I plan on getting a small plastic tote to keep these things in. I think it will be fun to look back on them in the future and compare sizes.

I also finished up their room by purging a few toys and baby blankets that were no longer needed. I finally feel like their room is down to the basics of things we use every day.

I've still got weeks 6 and 7 to post about, so stay tuned for that.


  1. It is so hard to get rid of kids' schoolwork so way to go! And thanks for the challenge to go through my closet again. I really should do that more often than I do.

  2. It really is freeing to go thought and get rid of things. I never realized how burdened I felt by having junk around.


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